Phase 1: Cull

We have an entire lesson on culling, so this is somewhat of a review. But I wanted to include it again as it’s a major part of editing!

For client sessions, I suggest you be very strict in your culling process. Every pic needs to make a good impression on the client. Every pic needs to add something valuable and worthwhile.

For personal pics…those of your family and whatnot, you’ll probably want to be a little looser. I try to keep anything that will help me remember soul and story. But I still don’t want to be an image hoarder.

With either case, keep these 3 guidelines in mind:

  1. Eliminate bad shots (out of focus, bad composition, etc)
  2. Eliminate duplicates (overly similar shots)
  3. Eliminate bad expressions (unless they make you laugh really hard) :)

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