3 workflow optimization tips before you even open Lightroom

Here’s 3 quick tips that will improve your workflow…but even before you bring LR into your workflow mix.

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Display Calibration tools:

As far as the display itself, I realize it kinda stinks to buy a pro display if you don’t have one already. Realize that so long as you have a calibrated screen, that’s the biggest thing. I’m NOT making a pro-screen a requirement! So don’t go cursing me just yet! ;)

However, when it comes to efficiency and speed and accuracy, having a big screen with mission critical specs will make editing SO much more accurate, not to mention quicker. I’m just trying to be honest!

There’s nothing quite like having adequate screen real-estate to work with. Things are just easier to see and easier to use. Add in great color, clarity, and resolution, and you’ll find that it makes editing that much more enjoyable and…well…fast.

As I mention in the video, I haven’t had a non-mac screen in some 12 years. And if you have a newer Mac, you’re absolutely good to go! But if you have a PC with a cheap-o screen, I hear good things as far as value-performance ratio about the ASUS screens.

You can always put it on the Christmas list for next year, or the next year, or the next year!

Better yet, shoot a few simple sessions for some neighbors or friends. You’ll have a toy fund in no time!!

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