Live Photo Critique: Charter Class

We had SUCH a blast with our "final exam" of sorts: our Live Photo Critique! Catch the replay below, and don't miss the following below the video:

  1. Top 10 pics! (view in video replay)
  2. 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place images!
  3. SPS Sports Photographer of the Year!


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3rd Place: Image of the Year (Photo by Emily Brunner)

Runner up: Image of the Year (Photo by Lisa Gosweiler)

1st Place: Image of the Year! (Photo by James Banker)

SPS Sports Photographer of the Year

Wow, SO many great images and budding photographers came through our Sports Photography Charter course!

But there was one photographer who constantly amazed us. This photographer wowed us with:

  • The ability to capture the "peak action moment"
  • The ability to capture emotion and story "outside the lines"
  • Loads of versatility in shooting a wide range of sports (and performance arts).

Without further ado, our first ever SPS Sports Photography of the Year is Emily Brunner!

Congrats Emily!

Here's just a tiny sampling of the work Emily has been posting over the past few months. There's so much more we could have displayed as well!