An Easter Shoot (Kyle Shultz)

I "pressed record" this past Sunday when it was time for me to capture some Easter pics of my kiddos. Granted, I didn't record the entire shoot. Maybe in the future. Not sure. I was trying to keep it short enough. But I at least recorded the thought process of the shoot as well as a good handful of examples.

Be on the lookout for a few ideas in the video:

  1. Lighting. To start with, it was cloudy, so I thought I'd try a pic in the yard instead of on the porch. I thought this would also help me to get some of the green spring look (to go with Easter).
  2. Lighting changes. As the sun came out, I decided to use a flash to fill in the face. You could also use a reflector.
  3. Off Camera Flash (OCF). When I used the off camera flash, it made for a MUCH more contrasty image for two reasons:
    1. Brighter main subject.
    2. Darker background: I increased my shutter speed to drop the background brightness a bit.
  4. Subject Position. I tried to position the subject to make the sun the second effective light source (kicker light).

Here's the video: